Jarrett Byrnes assistant professor, UMass Boston


My research focuses on the causes and consequences of complexity in nature. I am interested in how humans alter the diversity and interconnectedness of life on earth. Understanding how these changes alter the services that nature provides is a critical need as we watch ecosystem after ecosystem collapse. I study these questions in the ocean because, let's face it, the sheer number and diversity of species in the oceans is astounding.


Science crowdfunding and #SciFund are featured in today's Boston Globe with quotes from the lab.

Welcome to a new school year, and to the new Byrnes lab students Jillian Dunic and Marc Hensel!

Welcome to Byrnes lab postdoc Alison Haupt!

The Byrnes lab is looking for a postdoc!

You can hear me talk more about Science crowdfunding in this AAAS webinar.

Very excited to be convening the first meeting of an NCEAS working group on global impacts of climate change on kelp forests.

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